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    What are the benefits of double glazed windows?

    It is a worthwhile investment to replace your single-glazed windows with double-glazed ones. Double glazed windows can be installed with various advantages. They consist of preserving heat, cutting down on noise pollution, and raising the worth of your house. Our double-glazed windows have cutting-edge locking mechanisms installed to protect your home. It’s time to unleash your inner designer and breathe new life into your house.

    Maximise energy efficiency

    Put double-glazed windows in your home to keep it warm. To minimise heat loss via your windows, a 16mm hollow is divided by two 4mm glass panes. You’ll spend less on heating expenses and your home will be more energy-efficient. With the most advanced energy-saving glazing technology, our triple glazed windows with an A++ rating can further reduce heat loss.

    Stay safe and secure

    With double glazing, keep your home secure. Our windows are composed of sturdy materials with tried-and-true security mechanisms that are meant to withstand forced entry. available in aluminium, wood, or uPVC.

    Portsmouth, UK


    Add value to your home

    A brand-new front or rear door leaves a lasting impression. With 70+ front and rear door options in composite, uPVC, wood, or aluminium, you can express your uniqueness and improve the curb appeal.

    Additionally, a variety of door decorations, such as knobs, door knockers, and letterplates in chrome, gold, black, or white, are available to accentuate your front door. With countless artistic glass and glazing options, such as engraving your home number into the glass of your front door or using coloured glass for a classic stained-glass window impression, you can make a statement on your street.

    Keeps the cold out

    The proper door will make your house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. You’ll pay more for heating because of a poorly insulated door. Inefficient front doors can let heat escape from your home through gaps between the door and the frame, single-glazed panels, or inadequate insulation, all of which raise your energy costs. Investing in an energy-efficient front door will increase home comfort while also assisting in energy bill reduction.

    Security as standard

    Both the front and back doors are equipped as standard with a 3-star cylinder with the Yale or Ultion name. In all of our doors, we only utilise TS007 British kitemarked cylinder locks that are certified 3 stars. These have undergone thorough testing against every known cylinder lock assault technique, including pick, drill, bump, and snap. All of our cylinders have been certified by Secured by Design, an official police programme that aims to “design out” crime by utilising premium, cutting-edge goods. When our entry doors are closed and locked, you know your home is secure from unauthorised guests because they have shot lock bolts that lock into place when you turn the handle.

    Portsmouth, UK


    Thermal Efficiency

    Modern glazing provides orangeries an area to utilise all year round, much like an extension by design. Along with a flat orangery roof style, the wall frames of the house have energy-efficient A-rated windows. The focal point is the elevated, glass lantern roof in the middle, which captures heat and light directly from the sun. By doing this, you can lower your energy costs over the winter.

    Home Value

    A large reception room that is added to your property by an orangery gives your house individuality. This makes it a flexible area that can be used as a lounge, studio, study, or even kitchen and will undoubtedly be a major selling point if you decide to put your property up for sale.

    Natural Light

    Your new orangery is certain to increase the brightness in your home thanks to its enormous windows, which frequently extend from floor to roof, and its glass roof system, which draws light from a wider angle than flat roof lights. If you pick uPVC windows, you can choose from double, triple, or even quadruple glazing, whereas double glazing is the option for aluminium windows.

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