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Basics to know about Sash windows

Since the 17th century, sliding sash windows have been a mainstay of English design, and for most people, they immediately come to mind when considering a historic home. As you can expect, they have changed somewhat since then. Nowadays, sliding windows are available that meet all aesthetic standards and offer a variety of other contemporary advantages.

A Sash window is a unique kind of window with two frames that may slide up and down vertically. A common type of window throughout the mid-to-late 17th century was the sash window. Among the best features of western architecture is this.

Sash windows like Sliding sash windows for home give the house a respectable amount of creative and aesthetic attractiveness while also providing appropriate ventilation and air flow.


Security & Safety

Sash windows offer your home a solid locking system as well as great safety and security. Sash windows offer youngsters good safety as well. It maintains a respectable window opening range, which helps improve home users’ safety.

Energy efficiency

It is a great example of energy-efficient design since it offers good room for sunlight to come throughout the winter and good fresh air ventilation during the summer.

Easily Maintainable Work

Sash windows require little upkeep because they are composed of PVC and conventional woods. A yearly cleaning procedure is required for PVC materials, and a protective paint layer is required for timber materials to protect them from various weathering processes.


It is a flexible window type since it works well for modern applications and window upgrades. Because it is equipped with high-quality balancing and offers a smooth vertical up and down mobility, this sort of window is particularly functional.

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