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A glass addition is intended to integrate the outside into the home, quickly changing the environment in which you live by developing a light, airy interior and a seamless connection across your home and your yard. But how do a conservatory and an orangery vary from one another?

These three very diverse sorts of additions—orangeries, conservatories, and garden rooms—each have unique characteristics. Knowing which is which and choosing which is best for your home might be difficult, so we’ve simplified it with our professional guidance.

Introduction to conservatory

In the 1980s, conservatories were a very common style of glazed addition. They typically feature fully glass walls as well as a glazed roof built on a brick base and are frequently connected with uPVC building materials and rattan furnishings. Homeowners adored the notion of quickly and simply adding extra space to their homes, which could be utilized as a formal dining area or lounge with a view of their gardens.

Introduction to orangery

Orangeries were a status symbol among the aristocracy in the 17th century, traditionally used to shield imported citrus plants from the harsh British winters. With their magnificent architectural lines and classic design, the nobility loved these lovely chambers and thought that they provided their residences a touch of splendor and wealth. For Orangery and orangeries in Portsmouth, call Window Quotes UK now.

What distinguishes an orangery from a conservatory?

Despite having less glazing than conservatories, orangeries and garden room additions still produce bright, airy spaces. An orangery has semi-glazed walls and often has a flat roof with a roof lantern placed on top that allows natural light to come in. They never feel stuffy or chilly; rather, they are cozy and welcoming all year round, feeling cool during the summer and warm during the winter.

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