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What is Lock Snapping? and HOW not to be a victim! Lock snapping

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So you may of heard of lock snapping?

We will awnser the basic questions about euro cylinder door locks that are common on most houses and how they are snapped to gain access to your property or business.

The scary and crazy part of lock snapping is this can be done in under ten seconds with some basic tools found in any pound shop or diy store. 

The epidemic of lock snapping is believed to have started in the Midlands around 2007 and spread across the UK, with lock snapping burglaries happening anytime and anywhere due to this crime being quiet and quick to gain rapid entry to homes and businesses, day or night. 

What locks are vulnerable to a lock snapping attack?

All the outer shapes of Euro locks are universal in design however if you have moved into a property and your home does not have the accredited 3-star and diamond stamp on the lock face, we hate to be the bearer of bad news your home is vulnerable to attack, so you need to upgrade your locks ASAP!

How much does it cost to upgrade your door locks to snap proof?

To upgrade your doors locks to prevent your home being a target for a lock snapping attack will not cost as much as you may think.

This can cost as little as £20 and the locks are very simple to fit  just remove a screw push out your old door lock and Insert your new secure anti snap lock, its litrelly that simple, or a locksmith would charge roughly £100.  

What locks do we recommend? @windowquotesuk?

There is two main suppliers we would recommend one them being Yale we are pretty sure you would have already heard of?

There also a  company called Union, you probably maybe not have? And to be honest we hadent either intill recently after talking to our Portsmouth door installers

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We have included a link below to purchase anti snap locks for your home below so this is our choice to make your home a safer place to live. 

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